PGCE / QTS trainers' request for IELTS: it is illegal to discriminate

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For those who specialise in deleting my postings: A SCITT "up north" (quite frankly not even Chaucer would have set off to Sheffield to receive PGCE wisdom from Sheffield Hallam in the middle of a plague wave) rejects "foreigners" (with UK passports) and wants them to haved an IELTS certificate (not older than two years old, mind - that's how much they know about languages).

Found this last night in Second language learning and teaching (author Vivian Cook)

In 2000 Eurotunnel had to pay compensation to a French national ... whose dismissal on grounds of not speaking English was ruled "an act of unlawful discrimination on the grounds of her race". The chairman of the employment tribunal said that the job description asking for a native English accent was comparable to having a "whites-only policy".

As for those on the PGCE / MFL discussion who think that tutoring is not teaching, then a) you can go to hell and b) tutoring was used as an example of "prior experience" by the Train to Teach lot at the Trade Union Congress Centre in February 2020.

Then: I have taught in other contexts, at university and EFL (and English for academic purposes).

But no: the morons who do the ITT selection still don't get it - and it seems that this list is not far behind them.

Go, go and live to collect the dinner money and be infected by the children. See if I care.

I am sending a copy of this posting to the DfE advisor btw for her to investigate further and if possible to stop these idiots from screwing people's plans.
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I mean, tutoring isn't teaching, otherwise surely they'd be called the same thing, right? I also don't know if I follow why you're referencing collecting dinner money? Do you mean teachers being infected, or those behind the ITT?

I agree it's unfair that one should be expected to prove a capacity to speak the language of a country they have been living in for an extended time, however I think at a point you either need to figure out how to effectively convey that to those in charge, or bite the bullet on the IELTS. Is it your past experience in teaching that has made you want to get qualifications now, or is it something of a change in career path?

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