Internship cancelled: should I defer/resit my second year of university?

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Hi there,

Coronavirus f***** me a bit, my internship was cancelled in management consultancy. I was SO happy to get it and really excited to start it.

Now I'm looking at resitting some exams in late August (this month) because the virus really messed up with my studied and mental health, too.

I'm seriously debating whether to resit my remaining second year exams in order to get an internship, some more experience and gain confidence going into my final year. AND to hopefully enjoy a more normal final year of university.

Would this be a stupid idea career wise? My CV is pretty bare with actual work experience at the moment and I'm really worried that my job prospects will be severely diminished come graduation next year if I don't resit.
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Has your university said you can resit those exams to improve your grade? Normally you cannot resit exams continually to improve your grades in university, unlike at A-level. Typically people who fail the exam the first time get one or two resit opportunities, which will normally be capped at the minimum pass mark. Also, even supposing you can resit the exams and improve your overall grade as a result of the resits, do you think it is likely that a) you will perform better now and b) that better grades in some second year modules will make a difference in pursuing work experience/graduate roles later?

I think your best bet would be to continue and see if you can get some shorter term work experience in the winter and spring breaks, and then look for summer internships as well for after you graduate, alongside graduate roles. You may be able to leverage a temporary placement/internship after you graduate into a permanent position.

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