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I urgently need help with my careet choice. I left Highschool with crap grades with 5 GCSE at grade 4(c). Then I enrolled onto a course which was a btec level 3 extended diploma in business and finnace and it was arlight.
I really like the finance part of the course I really like the maths part and got a good buzz when doing. Doing ledgers and vats calcuoation along with inputting data into the system, looking at data and figure and analysing graphs but this was all basic but I enjoyed it. In the second year we did management accounting which was working with equations and looking at ratios and company records etc but I didnt really enjoy it as much. As for the business side of things I found it quite boring and some aspects such as human resources and marketing were okay but didn't really enjoy it. I found the business side of things quite dragging. I also did workplacements at Barclays Bank and the NHS as a banking advisor and a librarian assistant. The librarian assitnat was very boring and I don't see myself doing that in the future. The banking adviser role was good and enjoyed getting the experience at the bank but pay of this kind of job is not great.

This is a little background into myself. I need urgent help as I am looking to commence further with my education. As I really liked the finance part of my college course and predicted a DDD i thought that was the way forward for me. So started to look at routes that could take me to the ACA route and qualify as an accountants ASAP. I thibk an apprenticeship route is best suited for me as I want to earn and learn and get the work experience in. Taking routes such as doing the AAT level 4 and then moving onto to proffesional qualification such as ACA/ ACCA or CIMA. Since I've applied to several apprenticeship vacancies and have been rejected I started to thibk that is accouting and this career right for me. Will I enjoy it for the rest of my life. Did I really enjoy the work at college as that was easy stuff. As the aca and aat qualification are not just about numbers, there are about ethics, principles of accounting and majority of the calculations etc will be done via the computer. I have read the icaew website and look at what modules I will be studying and look at the different levels. How do I know that i will enjoy all the topics that I will learn for example taxination and law and etc that I will have to learn when doing the course.

This has made me realise that is the accounting career the right choice for me. Additionally, i also started going to the gym and really like fitness and the hukan body and the science behind how the body builds muscle, nutrition etc. So a degree in sport and science is also another route for me.

I also came across business economics which found interesting as it teaches me accounting. Finance and economics which is ultimately a good industry and degree to have.

After the coronavirus I do plan complete various placements in fields in biology. Engineering, sport and sciences(but dont know how in this carrer) accouting audit consultancy. But the thing is I'm a kind of a person who likes to go around and not just have to an office base work. I like to work with figures and data and analyse them. I need to figure out what I like and what skills I have and what job role is right for me. Teachers did say that no one is dumb but its how committed you are. I find myself that if I find something challenging and which is interesting I'll be committed to do it but I urgently seek your help.

Additionally, i want a job and carrer which I can progress in and have a good salary of 40K when qualified. So basicllay a job with good job prospectus. I want the route to this be easy as I have ambitions of getting married at age 25 and then moving out and buying a house.

I urgently seek the help if the TSR as many people have been through my shoes before and are experienced or educated enough to help me. Please assist me. As I am puzzled please unpuzzle me. Can you guide how to get work experience during these unprecedented times and how to know what I'm good at and what my skills and knowledge is good at and what job role best suit me. Also the fear of wasting time like u can be wasting couple of years which jm trying to avoid. Couole of years that I don't want to waste. Just to find a content and happy job with a 40k salary. Thanks.
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We have some career-oriented forums you might be able to have a look in, and that might be more helpful! The main forum is here. Apologies that I can't give any advice

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