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Hello all,

So after 11 months spent in the limbo of the civil service recruitment process, it seems like i am finally taking the last steps towards full employment. I am feeling so impatient I am giving myself anxiety!

Annoyingly I have to go through pre-employment checks again, despite obtaining my clearance only 10 months ago , and have no idea what they will look for and how long they will take. So far all I was asked was ID cards and proof of address. Then looks like I will have to upload it all to a website as soon as HR sends me a link, and THEN the checks will begin.

I have a few of questions that was hoping to find an answer to:

1. Does the fact that I've already obtained clearance contribute towards perhaps speeding up the process?
2. Would 5 months of unemployment between Sept 2019 and March 2020 reflect badly (I've read somewhere that there is such a thing as "insufficient employment history"). Unfortunately that was when I was offered a role in DIT and then the General Elections messed everything up.
3. Will they actually contact my current workplace to ask for references? I haven't told them I am in this process (of course!) and I am quite keen to keep this job until I have a formal and definitive job offer. Considering the whole Covid thing though I have a feeling they might jump on the chance of making people redundant...
4. As I was fished out of a reserve list, I have no idea what level of clearance it is required. The only info I have is that "BPSS is the level required, unless otherwise stated" - standard email that doesn't reflect the specificity of my case. BPSS takes a really short time, but I'd be amazed if a grade 7 actually only needs that....
5. In a month my notice to my current workplace will go up by 3 months, so I am super keen to resign before that - which I am only going to do once the formal offer from the Civil Service is made. Any chance the checks will be done by then?

Thank you all for any advice or information you have. Once all of this is done I will post a longer entry detailing my experience and offering some advice based on what I have learned over these 11 months of hell.
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I never applied to the MoJ, but a not too dissimilar civil service post, then forgot about it.
Carried on with ‘normal life’ (normal job) for around two years, then started getting phone calls and emails as I was about to be recruited. I don’t think there was anyway I could have influenced that outcome, as I actually (verbally) turned the initial job-offer down three-times, before they finally convinced me.

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