How do i avoid lunch?

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My parents keep making me a large lunch and forcing me to eat it. I don't want to eat it and they don't listen when I tell them this and that I'm not hungry. How do I avoid eating lunch altogether?
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You don't avoid it all together. Your body needs nutrition, especially when your body is still growing and developing (which I'm assuming for you, as you sound quite young).

Are your parents concerned about how much you are eating overall and trying to get one good meal into you?

Ask for smaller portions or get involved and make your own lunch, but ensure you have a healthy, balanced meal.
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If You Want to Lose Weight Follow These 7 Tips How to lose Weight Healthy

Starting with these Seven Tips
1. Never Use a Fast Diet

Everyone wants a quick transformation, but fast weight loss is very harmful, you ask can you do it? Yes you can lose weight very quickly but it is harmful to your health. The preferred and healthy weight loss is 1.2 to 2.5 pounds per week. Gradually with Foods that supplement daily nutritional values.

Fast Foods

2. The best plan to lose weight is to replace foods instead of removing them

Fast Foods– Although many people know that fast foods like hamburgers, sand wiches, ketchup and mayonnaise and many other types of bad fat foods are not good for the human body and you still continue to consume them. is the one they consume, we said from the beginning that the best plan to lose weight is to replace foods instead of leaving.

Example: if you eat a hamburger replace it with a vegan hamburger, As a wholesale bread and various salads and vegetables, this was just one example, but you have many other solutions. When you think of eating something unhealthy, remember your health and replace it with something that is much better for your body.

Vegan Food

3. What to drink to lose weight

Try to stop drinking beverages like soda, coca cola, red bull and some juices that contain more processed sugar than their sugar, some types of high-fat milk instead of these products try to consume water first at least 2.5 to 3L per day, And replace juices with healthy free sugars juices, also consume low-fat milk because milk has a lot of good minerals, proteins, vitamins also. Also Milk have great affect to lose weight

4. Losing weight a healthy diet and a good activity

– When a person does an activity, gets up and makes a move and the moment the human heart and metabolism begin to increase its rhyme or enter with a relative movement, the body begins to burn calories if a person puts a load of up to 30% of his energy He burns fat if he starts to do a load of 30-60% of his strength he burns Fats and carbohydrates if he does a load of 60- 90% of its power burns only carbohydrates.
Some activities to help you lose weight:
* Walk fast 45-60 minutes a day
* Swimming, swimming is very good for weight loss and muscle strengthening
* Bicycles, 35-45 minutes a day make you burn calories very well.
* Try to do activity 4 to 5 times a week
If you are also passionate about sports, you can play basketball, tennis and many other activities just by doing it at a good pace and with a lot of movement for at least 35 to 60 minutes a day.

5. Gradual change is better than fast

Everyone wants to make a beautiful body, but lose weight very quickly, but it is a big mistake for a person to act that way.
Want to ask if you can lose weight fast?
Yes we can but it is very bad for your body to experience a weight loss quickly.
The best way is gradual because if you lose gradually. health and your body will be much happier to be healthy.

6. Don’t overdo it by eating

– Many people, even after they are full, continue to consume food until they are very full.
No, stopping that way is very bad for the human body.
You should not consume too fast, There are many facts that consuming food quickly makes you store a large amount of fat, while there are many facts that slow consumption helps you lose a lot of weight, your stomach needs 20-25 minutes. to start digesting food and if you eat slowly for at least 15-20 minutes then until you finish just the stomach will start digesting food.

7. Lose weight and stay stable forever

– It seems hard to say but it’s very simple, all we need is to set a goal ourselves, so that we understand we decide to keep a meal plan.
Example to consume as many vegan foods as possible, To replace foods with poor content in healthy foods, Leave carbonated beverages like soda, head, red flowers and many other drinks and replace them with water, healthy juices.
Also, do not neglect physical activity every day.
Good health, a better life.

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