Struggling to find a match

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I'm struggling to find a match and I'm not sure where to look.

I'm quite highly skilled and for some reason any guy I meet gets threatened by this or tries to belittle me.

I moved to an area where not a lot of people have a degree and I have a PhD. I don't really fancy dating anyone who I work with and I'm unsure how to meet new people???

I've never really thought about the educational dynamics of a relationship but it seems the people I'm meeting feel that's something important to them.
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Hi there
I am awfully sorry about that.
Personally I would not mind dating a woman who have more degrees than I have. I find it quite interesting and a bit hot.
Providing that there is mutual respect and undivided attention and love, then I am okay.
If a person really love an other they normally should not be put off by the fact that they have more or less degrees or even more or less salary than the other.
Though I understand that some guys might feel inferiorised by a woman with more degrees than them, as some women can be a full of themselves.
I do not know which advices to give you in order to meet new people.
Hope the other answers will help you about it.
Just hope you will find someone😊
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Dating someone you like is easier said than done. The search takes a lot of trial and error so the struggle is part of the experience. It’s primarily about meeting new people and getting to know them. That said, have you got in mind what you’re looking for? Are you keeping an open mind while going on dates m?
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Do you mention about education quite early on in conversations?

There's a lot of research on educational level and dating. Graduates tend to live/mate/marry graduates. There are plenty of counter examples. I have dated someone 3 education levels different and it did create unnecessary friction. I think outlook on learning and lifelong education is more important than actual level in terms of compatibility.

Talking in general in education, not to do with dating, if you are living in a geographic area with few degrees it is an issue. People are often pigeonholed. Many perceive someone who talks about their education as entitled, quite self absorbed and pushy. It's something people pick up on very quickly even if it's just a fleeting thing said. If at all possible I'd work on ways of getting it into conversations in a slightly different way/deferring/rephrasing.

If you want a laugh I once saw someone at a pub hand out a card with name, title and place of work (newly postdoced) to a bloke she was chatting up to give him her number! So as long as you don't go that far, I'm sure it's resolvable.

Places to meet - lots of groups in cities for 20s and 30s.

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