When will the Tories behave like the Tories again?

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(Original post by DanB1991)
Harpers law is incredibly dangerous for multiple reasons. Firstly it suggests emergency workers (and by extent state workers) lives are more valuable than the rest of us. You then have situations that could have massive grey area's that would naturally arise with resulting automatic life sentences. It's the kind of laws police states love, albeit I will admit the UK is far from a police state, but it gives law enforcement tougher powers to fight dissent.

It does not suggest that their lives are more important. It reiterates the respect that you should have for those in professions who go above and beyond, and in terms of the Police, put their lives are risk every day; respect that you are clearly lacking.

Onto your second point.... no they did not murder Harper, all three defendants were found not guilty of intentionally killing Mr Harper. As much as you do not agree with it, the jury decided they were not guilty with murder. Simply stating "we all know they got away with it", is akin to stating "we all know they murdered him" which is completely wrong seeing a court of law, decided by their peers did not think so.

You're so naive. The issue with the charge was that in order for it to be murder, and not manslaughter you have to prove intent. The only people who could prove intent were those three criminals. They are hardly the sort who will hold their hands up and say "Yes, we knew he was there." That is why they were given manslaughter and not murder. However, those of us who don't live in the land of fairytales and puppy dogs are not stupid, nor naive, like yourself. They were not angels before, and they won't be when they're out on good behaviour in 6 years.

Ultimately Lissie Harper is completely the wrong person to be even heading this campaign, yes what happened is sad, but she's compromised by grief and bias rather than what should be a rational, fair and logical decision by lawmakers. We also 'know' via various studies and comparisons of sentencing around the world (both current and historically) the actual sentence does very little to reduce or dissuade crime. The main things that prevent crime is firstly opportunity and secondly the likelihood of getting caught. Having more and better funded police on the street would be far more effective than any 'Harpers law'.

It is more than sad. It was callous and undeserving, and her, and her husband have not received any form of justice whatsoever. The message was clear. Kill a police officer and it's 8 years. Let us not forget that the police officer in question was responding to a crime by these three in the first place.
Responses in quotes.

The bottom line is that it is about respect. I have no issue with a law being brought in to protect emergency services because I have no plans to ever require it. It is to stop the horrible underbelly of our society taking the police and emergency services for a ride, which they already do. I stressed in my earlier post that we need to crack down further on anti-social behaviour towards police and emergency services, and I still stand by that. However, a law like what is proposed on top, will do no harm.

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