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I am a bit lost on what MSc to do as I am actually quite conflicted on what I enjoy and what I don't. Currently, I am doing a biomedical sciences degree. One of my main goals is to work at a pharmaceutical company, such as GSK or AZ, and help to develop treatments using my scientific knowledge of human physiology, and my laboratory skills, I would love to use machinery and multiple techniques to help discover new treatments and ideas.

I am researching many masters degrees, mainly in London. I am confused as to what which degrees would suit me best. I am leaning more towards drug development degrees as I have read what modules are included and they have seemed to spark my interest. For example, I can make use of proteins for therapies, and use computer modelling. On the other hand, there are some degrees in chemical and biochemical engineering that use machinery and techniques I am intrigued by, however, the heavy maths has put me off slightly. Engineering degrees in those two disciplines however do look at how small scale lab items can be produced largely, but I may be going down the wrong path?

Maybe I am looking at the wrong MSc's altogether! I'd greatly appreciate any help. Please do advise me!

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