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So this story is sooooooo long but please read it - I really need your help.

In September I started college. I started with a bunch of mates from secondary. As I got into 2020, I realised they weren't there for me and I was nothing to them. 2 people from college who I had met helped me through it and long story short, I am in their group now. I started dating one of them in January and we broke up early March due to parental complications (her side). Ever since we have stayed FWB.

Recently, in the past 4 or so weeks of Lockdown, she has become really really down and stressed. Se is struggling with the volume of college work, not believing in herself and feeling so crap all the time. I have been there to help the whole time.

"Coincidentally" this all started around the same time I got a job so can't message her all day every day as we had been doing. It's gotten so bad that twice in the past few weeks, she has told me we can't even be friends because of how stressed she is.

I really want to stay friends with her because she's a lovely girl, and she's done so much for me, but she's also my main and strongest link with my new group of friends. I'm worried that if we become not as close or whatever, I won't be welcome there anymore, which would leave me with no one (I kid you not my social life is that bad).

I struggle with worrying and overthinking so if anyone could help it would be really really appreciated right now :-(
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I understand you want to care for her and at the same time remain friends with your/her group of friends, but the reality is friends come and go.

you should focus on yourself right now and don't worry about getting friends because when you start uni, you'll make some friends for life. when you get a proper job after uni, you'll make more friends. friends are really not that hard to come by. its nothing to worry about.

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