What happens if i fail GCSE Enlgish this time?

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In August 2018 I went to collect my GCSE results and I saw that I have failed both GCSE enlgish language and literature. When I asked my teachers about this they said I would need to retake english language gcse only and so I decided to do that while i am in sixth form. September 2018 has arrived and I started revising for Enlgish and when I retook it in November 2018 I was actually happy that it was easy but in January 2019 the results came I failed. I then revised it for the June 2019 exams and I retook it again. August 2019 came and it says I failed I then rootok it in November 2019 and when I received results in January 2020 it said I failed again and this time I was pissed off and then something happened in March 2020 school was shut due to covid19 I was actually happy but also tensed at the same time, anyways now it is August 2020 will I pass Enlgish this time or not. The question is what would happen if I fail it this time. You see the problem is that I took a gap year and i have a Conditional offer in Gloucestershire University for computing for September 2021 and the University told me that I need to submit the results in August 2020 and so what do I do if I don't pass Enlgish this time do I have to go college and will I need to pay for this or not? What will happen to me is my life over??
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It's very difficult to judge what grades you'll get, but hopefully if you've been working at a level 4 since Christmas, you'll get what you need. I'm sorry it's been so difficult for you, English is a tough subject and there are options even if it doesn't go how you want this year.

1. You could go to college and try again
2. You could apply for technical courses or apprenticeships for which English isn't such a key skill, although you'd have to check GCSE requirements.
3. You could get a tutor and try again - one to one support is more helpful for a lot of people.
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