Ford Fiesta 2012 infotainment upgrade

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I have a Ford Fiesta style (12 plate), is it possible to install a infotainment display in place of the current radio?
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I retrofitted a small Sony infotainment console (the cheapest that AMZN uk had as an open-box warehouse deal) so cost about £99, has small LCD, FM Radio, iPod/iPhone/Android media input (USB), Bluetooth music & hands-free phone. I chose it as it also had a retro DVD/CD player, and it’s not a great system, more OK - but about a grand cheaper than some other offers!

I further needed the thin metal DIN cage, the anchor and fascia that screwed into the dashboard, that was quite costly, as it was an exact-fit for my model (a 2013 Mazda 5, part of the Ford family)

I needed a Mazda specific powered antenna to Sony coaxial adapter for another tenner, and a small but costly (£60ish?) Mazda CANBUS wiring harness and steering wheel adapter and decoder from a boutique UK car firm.

It’s a bit buggy, sometimes the Sony FM radio sticks on Volume level 14 ( a reasonable volume ), so I can cope with that. The steering wheel volume doesn’t decrease volume sometimes, but I can use the rotary knob. I’m not sure if the bugs are the CANBUS side or the Sony, but they are OK.

Overall, it works, took me ~ 2 weeks to collect all the bits, 2 hours to install, needling some serious tools to remove the old AM/FM radio. I could have easily added a reversing camera.

I am an electronics engineer, so that helped, but if you think you can do a serious car dashboard surgery (disconnect the 12V battery first!,!,!) Then you could probably manage, might be good if you had a friend to help.

You can probably get an auto-electrician to do the install for £50-100, if you supply exactly the right parts. I didn’t need extra amps or DAB+, I’m quite happy to have a USB for charging phones & passing the music/streaming-radio. (Apple-CarPlay would have added £1k) there are many cheap infotainment radios, of unknown brands, on eBay - I avoided those - but you’ll prob find a lot of “how to do it” resources online for a lot, before unscrewing things...

Hopefully some of this will help, have fun. ( oh, and write down your current Radio PIN-Code, before you disconnect the +12V ) ( you might have to put it back, when/if you sell your Fiesta)
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