Online male friend - should I tell my boyfriend?

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Hello, I have a boyfriend and I play minecraft (yes I'm 18 and I play mc.....get over it )

I now have an online friend who I only talk to in chat on servers. He's now asked to be friends on discord.

I do want to be friends with him even if that means not actually talking about personal lives, but just minecraft in general. I've never had an online gaming friend before and my boyfriend has tons - don't know if any of them are girls though.

Do you think I should tell my boyfriend? I'm worried that my bf won't allow it because he might be uncomfortable with it and of course I'm not going to be friends with the online person behind bf's back.

There have been times where a couple boys have been suspected to have liked me in a romantic way and understandably, my bf told me to distance myself from them (they were my close male friends). I'm not sure how he'll react to this online friend though...I literally have no intention of having a romantic relationship with this online person.
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You're allowed to have male friends even if you have a boyfriend - just as he's allowed to have female friends even though he has a girlfriend. Part of a healthy adult relationship is trust and honesty. You should be honest and say you've made a new friend and he should be trusting of you and not be worried if it's a male friend or a female friend. If he 'won't allow' you have certain friends or can't handle the fact you've made a male friend then that is his own issue and is a little bit of red flag to wider issues such as controlling behaviour (Saying who you can or cannot be friends with/ needing his permission to be friends with certain people etc). I'm not saying that this is the case, but can easily happen without people even realising it.
Equally, if you're JUST friends with this guy then you've got nothing to hide and therefore nothing to worry about. If you guys wanna hang out and play Minecraft together online then that's not a crime and you shouldn't be made to feel guilty about it by anybody. Good luck

PS. Nothing wrong with playing MC at 18. I'm 22 and still play it with a few online buddies

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