London City vrs MMU post grad Speech Therapy

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I've just been offered a place at both London City and Manchester Met MMU for post grad Speech Therapy. I initially only applied to MMU because I noticed they had places, but they were so slow and I had no correspondence for 6 weeks. My partner will be living in either Liverpool or Manchester, so it made sense to try this year. Then I approached City and had amazing correspondence, very personal and professional, in the interview City seem more research based and this can lead to different teaching styles/experience. The interviewer at MMU seemed like they'd come more from working in the field with that personable experience. I've heard City is a good uni and I don't want to choose mmu because of my partner, then be frustrated if the course is run a bit ad hoc, like the application process. Does anyone have recommendations based on this course, or the unis generally?
Will the uni make much difference to securing a job afterwards?

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