Why did I choose Drama at Newman University?

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This post just aims to give an outline of why I chose Drama BA at Newman University, instead of other BA Drama degrees or Drama schools.

In year 13 I did applications to Drama schools and applied to a different more renowned socially university as that was what I was recommend I do. After paying for auditions and travelling and not getting spaces I chose that drama schools were not for me. So, I went to that different university as again I felt everyone wanted me to, it was well known. But, after 2 weeks of being there I saw this place did not fit to my values and so I withdrew.

I worked in a school/sixth form helping in various subjects, but mainly drama and began to see that drama is more than acting, drama is reality. Everything we do can be explored in drama. So, during that year I found Newman University.

It is smaller university just outside Birmingham city centre. But, it prides itself on putting its students centre and helping them find their potential. After doing my degree and about to finish my masters in Humanities (Drama) I know that this was the right choice for me

I put this post here to say that finding your values and passions will help you decide between drama schools and universities. Plus, do not go just on reputation, find out how you are encouraged and treated
We are all doing drama every day.

Here is Newman's drama course page (as after 4 years I want to spread the word of Newman as much as possible, which is a marketing plug sorry )

Any questions, get in touch. I wish you all the best in your choices

All the best
Wes - Newman Uni Ambassador.
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