Should I return to uni this coming fall?

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Hi! I'm an international Law student who's undecided about going back to uni this fall.
The reasons I want to go back centre on building my CV for incoming graduate scheme applications and building a network, so I'm heavily dependent on societies and the socials and opportunities involved continuing. However, I doubt that these events will operate to the max with social distancing. I really want to develop my interpersonal skills such as teamwork and befriend various other people, which I'm unsure I can do given the current circumstances.

The reasons why I don't want to go back centre on corona as a health risk, both mentally and physically. I study in a very small town, and coming from a very big city (bigger than London), I couldn't imagine anything worse than being locked up in a house for 2 months without the usual activities such as study sessions, socials and clubbing. Additionally, it seems that students aren't taking covid-19 protocol seriously, which scares me since I come from a country where the situation is one of the most adverse in the world. For instance, I wouldn't be comfortable with having or attending house parties, and I wouldn't want to seem like a prick for doing so. I'd like to add that during my first year last year, I struggled a lot with the smallness of the town and how there wasn't much to do unlike a big city, and I'm very afraid of that likely repeating again this coming year considering covid-19 protocol. With regards to physical health apart from corona as a risk, the gyms are operating at 40% capacity, and I'm heavily reliant on the gym as a means of maintaining my mental, emotional and physical well-being. Hence, I don't know if investing in a gym membership will be worth it this year and if I can even go during my usual times due to the limited amount of space and equipment. If not, I'm afraid of my mental well-being taking a toll.

So should I stay or go? Your advice is much appreciated, thank you in advanced. I hope you're all staying safe during this troubling time x
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Idk your whole situation but it seems like you’re enjoying your course but not the current environment. I would strongly advise you to take a gap year if possible. Hopefully in fall 2021 all this should clear up ^_^

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