GCSEs Controversial exams algorithm to set 97% of GCSE results

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Read the full article - https://www.theguardian.com/educatio...f-gcse-results

"Nearly 5 million GCSEs will this week be awarded using a controversial model which education experts fear could lead to even more results being downgraded than in last week’s A-levels fiasco.

According to analysis shared with the Observer, more than 4.6 million GCSEs in England – about 97% of the total – will be assigned solely by the algorithm drawn up by the exam regulator Ofqual. Teacher rankings will be taken into consideration, but not teacher-assessed grades submitted by schools and colleges.

Natalie Perera, executive director of the Education Policy Institute thinktank, said: “We will almost certainly see a repeat of the many problems seen with A-levels, only with GCSEs they could be more severe.”

Fewer A-levels – an estimated 82% – were calculated by the Ofqual algorithm. “A larger year group, combined with the fact that GCSE grades are often harder to predict, will mean that Ofqual could place even greater emphasis on its standardisation model,” Perera said. “There is a real risk that even more grades will be pushed down as a result.”

The government’s response to the debacle was thrown into further confusion on Saturday night after Ofqual announced students could use coursework to challenge A-level grades, only to withdraw the policy hours later. In a brief statement, Ofqual said the policy was “being reviewed” by its board and that further information would be released “in due course”, without explaining what elements of the policy had caused a problem.

The government is also expected to face legal challenges over its results algorithm within days. The Observer has seen a lawyer’s letter drawn up on behalf of A-level students marked down two grades or more from the scores predicted by their teachers."
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There is so much confusion surrounding the whole thing. Now Ofqual is “reviewing” the triple lock. It’s all a really big mess .....

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