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This kid is basically suing the government and taking them to court over the a-level and gcse results disaster. We all know that appeals are free now, and mock appeals will be a thing. But the government and ofqual keep changing their minds and changing criteria. Even if they suddenly back tracked and gave everybody what they wanted (which we’re not asking for so anyone who comes out with “they can’t just give everyone A*’s stop whining, dont. That’s not what we’re asking for), I would still want to take them to court and have a legal review because this has caused too much damage already.

I’ve donated £30 which isn’t much but hey I’m not rich. Some people have given over £1,000 to this. It was launched one day ago and we already beat the £15,000 goal, aiming for £25,000 now. The more we raise the more likely we are to be better protected.

Our government has under estimated this generation. We don’t just sit back when injustice and in fairness happens. We don’t just sit back and go “oh, this doesn’t affect me so I don’t care.” We do care. This kid got all his teacher given grades but he’s still frontlining this campaign.

If you can’t donate it’s fine, don’t worry. This is hard times financially for many people. But if you can great, spread the word and let’s see how many more donations and signatures we can get. We don’t know what the outcome will be, we don’t know what will happen. But at least we can try and take their asses to court.

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