Tampons vs pads

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Hi! I’m 17 and I’ve been wanting to try using tampons for a while now because I’d like to use them on holiday so I can go swimming etc and even going swimming at my local pool. I brought this up to my mum last year I think and she said no because she thinks that the breaking of the hymen = losing virginity, which is obviously not true. I explained that your hymen can break from anything, e.g. horse riding, dance (which I do), cycling etc. and some girls don’t even have a hymen apparently. She said she knows this but she still doesn’t want me using them. Before you say, it’s because you were 16, I can assure you it’s not. She said at the time that you can use it when you’re older behind my back if you want (not in a nice way. It was passive aggressive if that’s the right word), but I don’t lie to my mum and she would probably find out anyway. I can obviously use them in future if I go on holiday with friends or something but at the moment, I’m only going on holiday with my family and it’s so frustrating that I always end up getting my period and having to stay out of the sea because I have a pad on my bikini. I’m probably not moving out any time soon and there’s no chance I can buy tampons and have them at home without her knowing (which I don’t want anyway) so I was wondering if anyone had any advice?

P.s. I’m not going on holiday this year so don’t talk about Covid please lol. This is a general thing
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Sorry, ignore this please. I accidentally posted it twice

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