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May I say, considering that it is law that you are studying.

What will be fundamental for you is storage space and I presume you will need a device that holds more than a 32GB or 64GB, at the very least 128GB.

You will need the space for the OS (Operating System) then additional applications you will install.
Give yourself a choice of browsers that you may login personal accounts separate from work/school accounts, particularly if both are Microsoft based, but also because some websites are more compatible with some browsers than others in your search for information.

Treat your tablet as it is supposed to be used, which is an additional device for when you are on the move, you will have more options if you do your best work on your PC or MAC, preferably PC as that's the official standard of communications worldwide and should save you the time messing about to deal with compatibility issues, the same goes for MSO (Microsoft Office) leaving the space and time to get on with your study work.

Good Luck to the Future

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