What did you during the summer of year 12?

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I’ve been procrastinating a lot and I haven’t done any school work during the summer. There’s only around 2 weeks left and I feel like that’s not enough time to catch up and go over the year one content as well as read books and do the work they set. Any tips?
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I'm also in the year 12-13 summer and if it helps here's what I'm doing.

Firstly, the procrastination is ok, and I've had periods of that too. It's a natural reaction to our whole situation as a year group, we're tired and nothing is really certain so being motivated is incredibly hard. That's ok to acknowledge, but to (somewhat unintentionally) quote frozen we can only 'do the next right thing'!

So your first job is to stop the procrastination and yes, that's far easier said than done! There's really only two reasons why we procrastinate, the first being that we'd rather do something else, the second being we're afraid- or the task seems insurmountable and exhausting. So to stop procrastinating we've got to take out these. Here's my tips that stopped me procrastinating:
1. Block your phone with an app like forest. No matter what you think, phones are the main distractor! If it is also something else like going to see friends etc, make a schedule of when you're going to do that, then schedule your work around it.
2. Work in little chunks. Earlier in the holiday, I made the mistake of saying I'll do 5 hrs of work a day- yes it was unrealistic as I'm tired and a huge chunk seems unmanageable. Now I work on hour long timers- and do as many as I can until I find I'm too tired!
3. Make a timetable. Just do it, and make it really detailed with lots of things to 'tick off'
4. Start the day with an easy quick task so you feel like you're doing well, then second tackle the hardest task (or what's called the ugliest frog).
5. Know yourself, when you're burnt out, you're burnt out so take lots of breaks. When you're working you have to be productive, when you're not you must be relaxing. It's when the two mix that nothing gets done.

Maybe that helps a bit! It's what I've been trying to do and it's worked.

Right on what to actually do. The most important thing is the summer homework as you actually have to hand that in. So do that first- and if you're like me- you get given a lot of it. However, (I say this cautiously), if you know (truthfully) it's not going to help then email that teacher and tell them you won't do it, but you'll do something else instead. That way you're doing work you need to but you won't get the wrath of the teachers. So do work you need to.

Revision? Yes in an ideal world, but realistically I won't be able to revise all my content in the summer and that's ok. Maybe choose a subject to get going on, or do a bit of each and establish a pattern going into September. Just make a plan of what you'll need to revise by the exam and what you don't know. Then work from there.

Reading books? Well I am an English student so I do that for fun, but if it's a chore do like 30 mins before bed or when you wake up instead of that time we are all inevitably spending on our phones

If you do EPQ than prioritize that above revision. Having that done will be the biggest relief come September!

Finally, the main thing you need to be is in a good place come September. I mean this in terms of folders organised, notes in the right place, done your homework, but I mostly mean this as in not burnt out by work. Last year was insanely crazy, and our year has suffered a lot so really look after yourself and if work is not going to help- then don't do it.

Sorry last thing! What was intended to be a 2 line answer turned into an essay... sorry. It's more of me writing what I've been telling myself recently, so I'm sorry if it comes across as intense etc, it's more of a what helped me might help you.

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