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Currently doing and essay for university (in a module that I hate and don’t understand) and I honestly have no ****ing idea what it’s asking me to do.
It’s about philosophy kind of honestly idk what this module is and I have to answer a question about a quote from a theorist and it says stuff like
(Through a critical analysis of at least TWO case studies, evaluate this claim) or (reference to at least TWO case studies) what does this even mean?? I haven’t done any essays at uni where it’s asked me to do this so I’m very confused and apparently I can’t ask the lecturers for help so I’m stuck and I’m going to fail.
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they'd usually provide the case studies, but uf not just find two real-world examples to which ye can apply the point being made in the quote. You might want to argue the quote does apply to them, doesn't apply, or does in one and doesn't in the other etc. Bearing in mind each case study, how true is the claim?

Why can't ye ask for help?
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using 2 studies (evidence), evaluate the statement in question- after you have analysed both case studies is the outcome for them leaning in agreement towards the statement or not.

like mentioned above maybe ask your prof for help, you'll be fine good luck!
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Imagine you are a judge in court. You have defence lawyers giving you both sides of the story. This is how you should arrange your essay. You need it to be balanced and showcase that you are capable of critical thinking

if your struggling with philosophy John green does great vids on YouTube which explain things simply

Read through your module handbook, it will literally give you your learning outcomes this is what you NEED to focus on as it will allow you to get high marks if you stick to what they ask - no tangents

Use your student support services, they usually offer sessions on academic writing / definitions and 1-1's these are great as they will explain things properly and how the uni expect

Through a critical analysis of at least TWO case studies, evaluate this claim (reference to at least TWO case studies)
critical - show you can critique and showcase weaknesses and strengths of the two case studies (two examples of what your studying)
EXAMPLE: if your studying psychology you might use Pavlovs dogs and the Stanford Prison Experiment.

Provide information on both sides of the debate using evidence from a wide range of academic sources, use your reading list and go from there. When looking for research to use read the intro and the conclusion to decide whether that paper is worth your time and got information in it you will actually use. Then you must state your position basing your arguments on the evidence that you've used so far in arriving at your position, state this in third person don't say 'I think' use 'some people may argue'

Look at Uni of Manchester's Academic Phrase bank for wording / structure, its great

Good luck your gonna smash this, just get writing and you will feel better having something written down
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