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Hi all,
Planning on doing an EPQ on boas in jury courts vs judge ran courts and have created a plan with a bunch of topics to cover. I’d be ever so grateful if you could drop book and website suggestions that could help me cover these topics in my essay!
When and why jury ran and judge ran trials were created
Cases where there was clear bias in both types of trials
Any statistics on bias
What’s currently in place to stop jury bias
Anything along these lines would be absolutely amazing
Thank you in advance!
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i think you first need to narrow down your topic as trial could mean lots of different things and you might be comparing apples to oranges. if an EPQ is anything like a dissertation, i would narrow it down by choosing what kind of trial, what kind of bias, or what is the source of your bias.

for instance, you could look at how juries are influenced by rape myths, or how they are influenced by what they read in the newspaper before or during trial, or what race/age/gender they are. it's not very common to have a criminal trial in the crown court without a jury, so i think you may find it difficult to find information on that - unless you look to other jurisdictions for comparison. has your EPQ proposal already been approved by your teacher?

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