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Hey Guys!

Wondering what everyone would think of me as an applicant for dentistry. I am almost 21 years old and I'm starting an access course (science) in September, I have been out of education for nearly 5 years. I tried sixth form but after a year I realised it wasn't the correct path to go down at that time in my life. I have been working on an off for a couple of years. I haven't always known that I wanted to become a dentist or work in a dental field, I just came across it and absolutely fell in love with it ( I always loved art and science and I feel like dentistry is an amazing combination of both). I can't imagine doing anything else. I love that everyday I'm learning something new, I like the fact that there are so many specialities that make up dentistry, I'm a peoples person and always have been ( I have worked in retail for some time and communicating with customers was always my favourite part of the job) and it brings me absolute joy when we see how happy patients are with their results. For example after we finish with long term treatments that usually take a couple of sessions. When patients confide in me because they are anxious - I'm always looking forward to support them knowing they have this trust for me . (I do get sad sometimes that i don't have the same relationship and communication with the patients that the dentist have). Academically and personally I have 13 gcse's all (a*-c), I've nearly completed my dental nursing diploma, I have worked in a range of sectors within dentistry hygiene, endodontics, implantology and orthodontics. I have booked my ucat exam, and started my ucas application. Over the years I have volunteered in a hospice shop for a year, helped to organize and assist with a homeless dental day in our practice and had some work experience with kids. As for my free time I love drawing and painting ( I’m guessing that would be good for the manual dexterity part of the application as well as the fact that I have been assisting with working in patients mouths for nearly 2 years now lol) What are your opinions of me as a candidate for Dentistry ( I have also added courses like hygiene and therapy to my ucas application). After research and emailing lots universities there are 2 unis that would consider my application. I need someone’s perspective on this and if I put those things in a personal statement ( obviously written in a different way and assuming I achieve all the grades I need) how do you think they might view me as a potential candidate, please be honest, even if it hurts hahah

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Reading this made me so happy!! I really wish you all the best in your application, your passion for dentistry definitely shines through and the tutors should be able to get this through your personal statement too!
Your experiences definitely make you stand out as a people person and someone who wants to be a dentist for all the best reasons
There's so many mature students in my year at dental school, many of who started out as dental nurses or hygienists. It's great having a mix of people from all backgrounds so don't worry, you sound like an ideal candidate!

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