So Founders accom is really flammable... too much for led strip lights?

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So i’m enrolling in royal holloway in September 2020 and i’ve been allocated a large single standard room at Founders. I’ve read that the building is highly flammable, meaning fairy lights aren’t allowed. Silly me is already planning how i’m gonna decorate my uni room and i was wondering if led strip lights are allowed? Because led lights are known to have very low voltage and very rarely pose any kind of fire hazard. Thank You!
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Maybe you could get away with some battery powered Led lights in a wine bottle like my sister seems so keen on. These could be stashed in the event of a room inspection.

Unis are generally pretty dogmatic about their rules though cos they don't want the ******** in the next room seeing your lights and deciding that if you're allowed to keep those, then they should be allowed a slightly more dangerous type of their own choosing. The uni doesn't want to get into the time and expense of inspecting each and every individual type of possible fairylight for safety... Or listening to students whine and/or pretend they didn't know the difference between tungsten and Led or battery and plug in etc... So generally they'll just enforce a blanket ban on all types of fairy light and no one can say they've been treated unfairly.

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