PIP Phone Assessment Question?

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So tomorrow I have a phone assessment for my PIP claim that I made several months ago.

I'm slightly concerned that I may have not provided enough evidence as at the time I wasn't sure what relevant evidence was needed as I haven't claimed PIP before.Basically on and off for several years now I have suffered with depression, anxiety and substance abuse and over the past 6-9 months my mental health has become very unstable.I've found it very difficult to stay in full time employment and I'm currently out of work.I won't go into detail, but I hear voices, have panic attacks literally every day, mood swings, emotional/anger outbursts.I provided them with a sick note (now expired) signed by my doctor that stated my depression, anxiety and substance abuse as well as a prescription with the anti depressant medication I'm currently taking.I provided them with my GP contact details and my key worker details, but I've heard that they don't request any information from these hence why you have to provide evidence.Now obviously since filling out the application form and sending the relevant evidence, my mental health conditions have become more unstable and I haven't been able to leave the house for over 2 months, been prescribed a new medication alongside my anti depressants to help with panic attacks and sleeping.I've also been referred to several other mental health services since then as well as psychiatric nurses to determine if I have any other mental health as I've been told I may also suffer with PTSD due to childhood abuse and I'm worried that I might have to reapply and have to go through the whole process again if the claim gets denied because of either lack of evidence or new evidence.I also live in shared accommodation so don't have any close friends or family that are able to provide support.I also forgot to mention that I have lumbar radiculopathy on the application form.Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
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