can't decide between two degree

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so I'm struggling to figure out which degree would be best between modern languages and economics, or just pure economics. not many unis do modern languages and economics together so economics with one language is also an option. I absolutely love languages and I want to keep learning them after A level, and I know that I'd learn so much better from a degree than some language apps in my spare time. I know that a degree is an investment and I think languages would be extremely useful for my career. however, I know that I definitely want a career in something to do with economics so I don't know if I should just prioritise economics or not. I've heard that joint honours degrees are really hard which is one thing I'd need to think about. And also my main question is, I'm worried that if I was doing modern languages and economics that I wouldn't have enough knowledge of economics to have a career in it, as only 50% of the degree is about economics maybe it wouldn't be in depth. and also I'm worried that I would get to do a master's in economics which is what I want to do, because most unis want applicants degrees to be economics heavy to get into the masters. any advice would be appreciated
I know this isn't in the right place but the forum I was going to post it on is closed apparently
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I'd firstly check out a few places where you'd like to do your master's, and see what their criteria are. Maybe talk to someone at some of the unis about it too. Then it'll be a lot clearer, and relevant as you'd have spoken to some unis that actually interest you. Personally, I think the language and economics mix sounds great. If you love languages then you'll no doubt love the language classes. It'll be a treat going to those lessons, and I found that really motivating when I enjoyed modules.
I found with a lot of friends that stopped learning languages properly in a class just sort of lost their abilities to speak them. So if you've been doing languages already to a fair level then I deffo think you should continue!

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