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I have just finished college and I'm lost in what carree I should take. I really like maths in highschool and it was enjoyable and I wasn't very bright in the subject however, I did really enjoy it. so I went to college to study business and finnace and really like the finnace part and was enjoyable. some part like management accounting o didn't really like but I would say it was okay. I got a DDD at the end.
I decided to take a gap year as I want to figure stuff out before either choosing an apprenticeship route or a degree. I've looked into qualification such as ACA and ACCA and service lines such as
Audit and Assurance
Business and Financial Advisory
Real Estate .

However. not knowing what the qualification is all about i decided to think is accouting the right career for can someone please help me. additionally, i have no idea what it is to work in the service line and need to get experience and due to current circumstances its nearly impossible to do so. I wss wondering if someone could ellobrate those three services as I look at the Internet i get confused.

from my understanding audit is like looking at business and there financial statements and making sure that there are no flaws and nothing bad is going on and then assurance is where you provide them with advice on how there can improve and better there financial side of business.

the others I dont understand

I like to work with data and analyse it and do calculation etc but not too diffcuot calculations... and rather than having a permenanat office base job i would like to travel but only a little. so what kind of service line will best suit me.

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