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Hi everyone!

Have just got off the phone with the wonderful people at Zero Gravity, and they are looking for current state school applicants who want to be mentored for Oxbridge! (must live in the UK)

You must meet the following criteria

1) You are a school student currently in:
* * - Year 12/13 in England/Wales
* * - S4/S5 in Scotland
* * - Year 13/14 in Northern Ireland

2) You attended a state-funded school for both secondary school and sixth form

3) You attained 7 8/9s on average in your GCSE / National 5 examinations

About Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity is a completely free, digital solution which makes mentoring available anytime, anywhere to state school students. Students and mentors can access the Zero Gravity App at the tap of a button, where they can then connect through video mentoring sessions from the comfort of their home.Our mentors offer free support and priceless advice, supercharging standout students from areas where reaching a top university means challenging convention and ignoring expectation.Sign up at*, it takes under 60 seconds to apply.

How to contact
The students can sign up in 60 seconds at, we also have a chat function on the page where they can ask me any questions!
They can also message me directly on the student room if they want!

Here is the website, check it out!

Or PM @Kittygoodwinzero
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A little bit of info about the CEO, Joe Seddon, who became famous whilst still a student, founding Access Oxbridge:

Now Zero Gravity is here to help not just Oxbridge prospectives but Russell Group as well.

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Hey, I applied to zero gravity and was eligible whereas my friends weren’t, I’m wondering if I put any wrong details in however I’m unable to check the details I gave in. Any advice on what to do? Thank you <3
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Do mentors get paid?

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