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Anyone here worked in big 4 FS Assurance (audit) and care to give a candid account of their experiences? Have recently accepted a job in Big 4 FS assurance in London and really excited by the training and opportunities to learn on offer. However a little apprehensive about the hours especially during busy season seeing as I have a few fixed commitments at certain times of the week that I am not able to waive.

Also what are the CA training and exams like (I'm doing ICAS myself). What should i expect?

UK only please
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Hours in FS can vary wildly depending on your clients

For me personally (bank audit), I usually work all weekends in January along with 80- 100 hour weeks. But then there are other people who might work until 8. This disparity is very common and pretty infuriating (unfortunately you'll have to get used to it and no reward goes with long hours). Busy season can last into June if you get put on clients with a dec and march year end.

In terms of commitments, it again depends on your managers and team and how understanding they are. Like i've been in situations where i've had to cancel annual leave a few days before taking it. The harsh truth is that when you're new it's kinda difficult to ask to leave early or something when you're still proving yourself. You've gotta feel out your team.

I also do ICAS, though got exemptions from all of TC. TPS exams are hard and at 5 hours long, they're pretty grueling. The best advice at TPS, which i presume applied as TC level is to hammer through the question banks. Don't waste time making notes - it's pointless (no matter how badly it seems like the right way to go). As long as you put the time in and consolidate information as soon as you've been taught it, you should be fine.

Sorry for painting such a bleak picture lol - my experience has been particularly poor. Some others love their job (I don't).

Happy to answer any questions.

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