What is the best way to study for Higher English?

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I'm in 5th year now. A bit nervous and quite worried about English. It'd be great if you could write whatever tips you have. Thank you in advance! ;-)
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For the Critical Essay, I'd say making mindmaps and quotation banks were lifesavers for me. Make sure you know a good range of quotes especially ones that can be applied to multiple questions and that your analysis for them is solid and if you're looking for top grades go at it from a different angle as they will have heard most of it before.
I'd say for RUAE just do practice and lots of it! There are some back from since about 2003 which you can see if you can find and even though they aren't the exact same they are useful as practice. Also, I found it really useful to write on a Word Doc the types of questions (Tone, etc.) and then next to them common examples of this and how it is illustrated. When I entered higher my RUAE was the part I dreaded and it became one of my best parts as once you have the formula down it is pretty simple.
I did Poetry for the next section so can only really give you advice for this but I'd say know your poems off by heart because they tend to be pretty short. I recorded myself saying them out loud and when I walked to school I played them and in a week or so you should know them all and then you won't have the trouble of not having enough quotations. Definitely talk about more obscure ideas within the Poems because the analysis given by teachers and Bitesize is so overused and it will impress the examiner so much more if you have a unique viewpoint (Genius is a really great resource for this if your poems are on there)
As for the Dissertation just make sure you start early so that you have more chances to edit it because I know I would often write a piece which I thought was great for a week and then a month later I would come back and realise it was awful so make sure you have as many opportunities as you can to do this for yourself. Also I would say play to your strengths so if you aren't good at creative writing then try to do reflective and if you are really good at creative writing then maybe choose to do persuasive as you can add more personal flair.
I hope this helps you a bit most of it is just common advice but it worked for me haha X

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