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I was predicted a grade 7 in chemistry; but this was when i actually knew everything etc before corona, i haven’t done chemistry in months and i tried to do alevel prep work today and struggled with most of it... i’m scared. how much of the contents actually link, i’ve heard gcse content is considered wrong and ur taught different theories
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This is a common issue and the best advice I can give here is go back to basics! Use the textbook for your A-level Chemistry exam board to read up on the work and what you struggle with, use your GCSE one if necessary, attempt GCSE Chemistry past papers to brush up on knowledge, look at the A-level spec and see what you can begin learning about etc. Nobody expects you to have all the answers now. Struggling with prep work is very common but this isn’t the end!
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Okay so you've got a couple of separate issues:

1. Have you been taught lies at GCSE?
No. Well, almost certainly not. You've been taught some over-simplifications (e.g. at GCSE we tend to teach that ionic and covalent bonding are completely different and separate things, rather than a sliding scale) and if you're unwilling to let go of those then that will make life a little trickier. If you've been taught GCSE by somebody who teaches A-level then it's unlikely you've actually been taught anything incorrect. (I definitely became much more careful with my explanations when I started teaching A-level!) Electron configuration is pretty much the only thing I can think of where you're likely to have been taught something that is not true. (Spoiler alert: Shell 3 holds a lot more than 8 electrons!)

2. You're struggling to remember the GCSE content you were taught
At a guess, you've probably been set transition work that features
- Atomic Structure
- Bonding
- Quantitative Chemistry?

There are loads of YouTube tutorials to help with this stuff. Or you can always ask for help in here

3. You're panicky about starting the new content and worried it will be too hard.
The good news is that the first little bit of A-level Chemistry is not too bad at all. And the other good news is that again there are a tonne of useful YouTube tutorials. Last year I experimented with flipped learning (where the class watch the material at home and then we work through questions in class)
I'd also recommend looking up MaChemGuy has he's put a lot of really good videos out there too.

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