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So I requested a change in the course which would require me to repeat the t year of University.

SAAS had already granted me tuition fees for the upcoming year for my second year of the current degree. For this course change, I would need an extra year of funding to repeat the first year, which I found
SAAS does offer.
I wrote two inquiries so far, one in late May and another early June and none have received a reply. The first one has even disappeared when I message SAAS staff on twitter about the situations they only confirmed receiving one inquiry (the latest one).

The year is about to start and I'm not sure if I am entitled to/will receive the funding. I'm really not sure what to do.. starting the year without knowing if I can be funded is a big risk and if I lack the funding I would have to drop out.

Anyone have any suggestions or advice as to how I should proceed?

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