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So I’m about to start uni and I’m trynna work out my budget, I don’t wanna end up broke towards the end of the term!!
So wanted to know how much roughly have you spent on food weekly? Also a rough estimate of how much i would need for freshers
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It's hard to answer this question. Firstly because I have no idea how much I spend and secondly because food costs depend so much on personal situation, whether your accomodation is catered or not, and where your university is. As such, even if I knew my weekly average I'm not sure it would be that useful to you.

I would give two pieces of advice for budgeting. One, use your common sense. Don't buy brands when you go to the supermarket, get coffee from a jar rather than Costa, etc.

Secondly, look at how much your accomodation costs and then work out your expected income from maintenance loan, parents, bursaries, part-time jobs etc. Divide the difference by the number of weeks in a term and just bear that figure in mind during the first few weeks there. If you're clearly going over it, make sure you change something. But it's hard to know how much you'll need to spend before you start. In my experiences, budgeting is fairly straightforward - but of course it can be much harder depending on personal circumstances.

How much do you need for freshers? This year, I can't imagine why it would be any more expensive than a normal week.

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