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Hey everyone, any help on this question is much appreciated!
Bit of backstory:
So, I started university in 2017 studying Psychology. Over time I realized that it just was not for me and left in my second year (middle of 2019). During the rest of the year I worked in a retail store and left in December, as the store was set to be closing, to find other work. However, the whole pandemic happened, and it’s been hard to find a job since. During the crisis I have had time to really think about my future and what I want to do as a career and realized my passion for is for retail. It’s what I’m good at and what I love to do. I have had other retail jobs in the past and have some supervisory experience, and it has made me recognize that it’s what I’m actually good at and where I should be.
This is where I found out about the Morrisons Retail Degree Apprenticeship - a 3-year course where you work in Morrison’s while completing a charted manager degree, earn while you work, and get to become a Morrisons manager when completed. This is perfect for me as I believe I learn better when I can apply the study to my work and find being hands-on helps me learn faster. I missed the application for this year’s intake, however wanted to apply for next year.

The questions:

Would leaving uni in my second-year influence my application?
I would obviously explain the situation, however, I don’t want this to be taken as I’m lazy or not driven. I got good grades at college (AABB) but just felt that I didn’t want a career in the subject I was taking.

Will being out of work for 9 months look bad?
Overall I have 2 years retail experience and they do require some retail experience to apply. But due to COVID I have not been able to find a job since January. Will they understand this or take into consideration the pandemic? Again, I don’t want them to view me as lazy for this.

My age?
I will be 22 in September and (if I get in) will just be turning 23. Will this affect the application?

Assessment centre?
If anyone has gone to the assessment centre what is it like? What sorts of things do they ask you to do? How did you find it? Any tips would be great!

Again any help would be greatly appreciated, and sorry if I sound a bit worried in this post!

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