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Hey, so a bit of background: I'm due to start at a semi-target next month, my A-level grades are above the UCAS point threshold but not brilliant. My course gives me the option of doing a placement year and I know that banks such as Goldman and UBS offer placement years within the asset management division (none in IBD) and I've heard they are less competitive than normal summer internships. I would like to do one of these for two reasons, firstly I'm not sure whether I want to go into AM or IB and secondly I would like to do a masters at an actual target (I know its a long way off but I think its good to have a long term plan for IB). LSE, LBS Oxbridge etc masters all cost £30k and even if I start saving now realistically there's no way I'd be able to afford this even with a government loan esp after you factor in living costs and therefore a placement year seems like a good option. Furthermore, if I was fortunate and landed a position at a BB surely the name would look good on the cv regardless of division. So I'm wondering whether this would be a good route 'Finance related Internship gained from cold calling first year ---> Asset Management Placement Year ----> IBD SA position between UG and PG and then obviously after my masters if all goes well a full time position?

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