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I'm currently in Year 9 and will be going into year 10. However due to my father's redundancy and the option of education in Denmark if he gets a job there, I'm currently being held a spot at an international school. They do IB and if I get in I'll be in my last Middle Year. Basically Grade 9 MYP 4. I have a placement test (however they used the term placement test and entrance exam in the same context). The test has been described as something to indicate my level of mathematics and english. The mathematics test is described as MYP 3 and 4 and focuses on:

Numeracy Skills
Angles and Shapes
Fractions, Percentages Decimals

I'm not sure however if I should focus on the more difficult elements of each subject, or whether or not I could get rejected, or if I could access a practice test (or just something similar) and whether my mental health history will be taken in account in considering me. My father has said that I could be rejected and that I have to get the best of the best of marks or I'll be replaced. However in the past he has exaggerated and has shamed me for being a mark off perfect. I just don't have any idea what to expect. He's even forced me to complete a MYP 4 textbook over 500 pages long, where I've argued I maybe doing some easier stuff and should revise such just in case.

I just don't know what to do.
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IB can be good. Denmark would be lovely.
Doing extra coursework, contrary to those around you, can be a game winner.

(Look up Asian tiger-mums, for example. Korea’s system is really stressful)

For maths, you have to do the best you can, with your current level of learning, quickly assess if that’s going to be good enough, then if-not, find a maths tutor. Math is so much easier when taught, it’s very hard to do it on your own. Physics/chem/bio - you can just really read the textbooks & teach yourself, but maths need something special. Good luck.

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