Language B HL vs Economics HL (Why does nobody respond? Please)

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I know I asked this in the other thread, but hear me out. I really wanted to take Economics HL, because it has Paper 3, that makes it so much easier, but I decided that having a solid foundation in a secondary language, was going to be more useful in the future, what's better? Language B HL or Economics HL? please help. I'm in a serious dilemma.
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I wouldn't say that one is better than the other unless you're aiming for a specific degree or job. I take Lang B HL and it's not much different to SL, the only real difference being the literature, so you're getting a good language foundation either way in my opinion. Econ HL does have a Paper 3, which may make it easier but I wouldn't make the decision based on that. Your HL subjects should be something you're good at and enjoy, and if you have an idea of what degree you want to apply for, then whatever is suited for that (eg. essay subjects for law, science for medicine, maths and physics for engineering etc.). So like I said, there isn't really a better one (you haven't given much info to say otherwise), if you like the sound of Econ HL go for it. I'm sure whatever you choose if you're not happy, you can always change it.

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