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A-Levels: Useful Threads and Articles

hello, welcome to the a-level forum! here's some useful threads, articles and forums that you can easily access

general resources
list of essay competitions here
a guide to transitioning years (year 11-12 and year 12-13) here
an a-level options discussion thread here
the general study help forum to help you decide where best to post your thread
an a-level resources thread here which is updated regularly

year 12 resources
a list of year 12 opportunities here
a year 12 chat thread here

year 13 resources
an article on what you can expect for year 13
a year 13 chat thread here

and if you'd like to make a grow your grades blog documenting your academic growth, you can create one here !!

if you think there are any other useful threads that should be added here, feel free to post them below best of luck whatever year you're in!
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