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Hey all,

Bit of a backstory before I get into it just so its understood better. I suffer with mental health and I was really sick in year 11 and I ended up doing therapy instead of school and for that reason I didnt do my GCSEs.

I'm currently 17 going into my second year of college which will be level 2 BTEC animal management, last year I did level 1 and I also did GCSE english and functional maths

I'm currently completely anxious and worried about level 2 because I need to get my maths and english GCSE this year or I cant progress onto level 3. I've convinced myself I won't get either of them no matter how much I revise (Im planning on revising A LOT, im fully prepared for this year) and I dont know how to get out of this mindset

Basically what I'm asking is, if i DO somehow fail my GCSEs and dont get my maths and english this year, what are my options? Am I completely screwed or is it possible to redo level 2 and try my GCSEs again? Thank you for reading this, I really really appreciate it !!!
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As far as I know it is possible for you to retake maths and english if needed! Try not to worry too much if you can because it's always possible to continue learning pretty much at any point in your life, I struggled with my mental health in secondary school too and am now going back to college at 20 to do an Access to HE course. What's most important is that you look after your mental health because that's what's most important to keep you going and finding something that you want to keep learning about and getting to do in life! It sounds like you have the right attitude to studying for these GCSEs already, you're doing really well, take it piece by piece and have more confidence in yourself!

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