Sports Scholarship Criteria?!?!?

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I live in a country where football(soccer) is not so advanced or developed courtesy of the corrupt government. I mean, 4 unofficial clubs per city with some unofficial leagues and tournaments. I've played football for 4 years. Have won 3 tournaments and 1 league playing for my school team and another unofficial club. I've also played cricket and won a tournament with my school team too. Some of the tournaments were in other cities as well and I did a couple of them. I have the trophies and medals to prove so. Considering the fact that sports are not so big in my country, will I be able to get a sports scholarship from a russell group university based on the things that I've achieved already? And, also I'm quite athletic, like I hit the gym and can play every sport. Not tryna brag.
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scholarships are not based on relative measures, you would still need to be the best compared to English students

This is from a uni website but note sports at universities in the UK are not like that in America so there arent many scholarships going because it just isn't as big a thing but you would need to be at a very high level

Am I eligible?
To be eligible for a sports scholarship you must:

•be of academy, national or international standard in your sport or show strong evidence of future outstanding potential
•successfully achieve a place on a course at The University of Nottingham or be already studying here
•all courses are eligible, both undergraduate and postgraduate
•home, EU and international students are all eligible for sports scholarships
•applications are also welcomed from students in any year of study at The Unviersity of Nottingham
•Priority is given to sports within the BUCS programme, Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth sports, with other sports considered on a case-by-case basis.

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