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So I am currently in year 12 and have always been open to the idea of studying in America. I recently (pre-pandemic) was very keen on applying to Columbia University but I decided against it because of the ACT test. I scored well in the test and I was within the margins to aim for ivy league scores but it would have been a lot of work. Now that the ACT is optional does anyone know the entry requirements/ how strenuous and time-consuming the application process is?

I currently have 'provisional' ucas target grades of A*AA (hopefully will be A*A*A) and got 99988777766 in my GCSEs. I do lots of extracurricular activities including Music (piano and cello), Model UN, Rugby, podcast and started a debating society in my school.

Do you think I have a shot? How much time would it take up?
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I think you definitely have a shot, if that's what you want to do, go for it! However, it will probably take up a good bit of time. You would need to apply and be accepted, you would also need to apply for a student visa, which can take months to get sorted. This includes interviews and a good bit of paper work. This gives you permission to enter and study in the USA. Some other things to think about, it is going to cost more because you will be an international student, and you would have to remember that the education system works differently over there compared to the UK so it would take some getting used to

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