Is it dangerous to take the pill constantly?

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Hello, I'm currently on the combined pill and at the moment, take two packs back to back and then have the seven day break.

But I'm just wondering, is there any negative health benefits to not having the break, and taking the pill constantly? I just have quite bad cramps and heavy flow, so I'd really like not to have periods lol, but only if it was safe to do so?

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I don't know if you can run them on indefinitely (I would be reluctant to do that because I like to take the break to check everything is still working as intended haha), but you can definitely run on 3 packs in a row to cut down your number of periods even further. I get really bad cramps and heavy periods too, so I tend to run on 2 packs at a time and then run on 3 if there's something coming up that I really don't want to deal with my period during.

But yes, you can definitely run on 3 for some combined pills - just check your specific pill doesn't say not to in the instructions!

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