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Just FYI for all those who sat CR - Corporate Reporting August 2020. ICAEW are offering resits in mid September to a small number of people who experienced major issues during their exam. What do you all make of this? I feel this would be unfair for everyone else regardless of whether they use the same exam (which seems likely due to the short timings and given ICAEW has made no public announcement of this resit option), or produce a new exam. Obviously awful that a number of people had a horrific experience at exam centres, but this feels unfair for everyone else who sat the exam and feels like ICAEW is just trying to fudge their pass rates this time round. I am just posting this here as I don't believe ICAEW should be able to get away with this hoping no one notices.I've seen a screenshot of an email sent to a someone who had really major issues sitting the exam. ICAEW haven't been transparent, honest, or fair and this basically affects everyone who sat the exam.I couldn't see the whole email but this is what I could see:The option to resit the Corporate Reporting exam has only been offered to a small number of students whose experience was severely affected last week.[This bit was blocked off so I can't see what's in the email]We currently have three potential dates in mind for the resit session, these are 11, 14, and 15 September. We will confirm the date as soon as possible however, we wanted to share these with you so you can consider your work commitments.Our current plan is to offer this exam at a venue, but we will confirm all details to you when we confirm the date of the exam.It is your decision whether you choose to resit the exam based on how you feel you performed with the reduced time. However, if you do choose to take the resit, we will award the highest mark out of your two Corporate Reporting exam attempts.In summary, whatever happens (whether you take the opportunity to resit or not) the answers you submitted last week will be marked.If you choose to resit, both exams will be marked and you will receive your highest score.Please do let others who sat CR know about this as I feel like we need to spread awareness / raise this with ICAEW if you agree.
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