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I recently lost my virginity to my boyfriend last month after my period. This month is my first period since having regular and frequent sexual intercourse and my period has been different. Usually I bleed for 5 days and get bad cramps on day 1 and it’s quite heavy. This time round I had bad cramps on day 1 and 3 but both days were light flow and were a pink colour but on the second day it was really heavy and even had little blood clots and then on the 4th day was when I noticed it was brown and starting to stop. I’ve been researching whether this is my period or something called ‘implantation bleeding’ where it’s actually an egg that’s been fertilised but you think it’s your period because it happens when your period usually would. We have always used condoms and I cannot think of any possible time where I could’ve conceived, the condom has never broken and his penis hasn’t been in or near my vagina in order for anything to get inside but I’m starting to panic as implantation bleeding has the exact same symptoms as periods. I also got my contraceptive injection for the first time during my period so wonder if that could’ve messed with it? Any help or advice would be appreciated
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Speak to your gp or wait a couple weeks and see if it changes

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