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I've never posted or commented on here before but I would really appreciate some advice I'm starting uni in a couple of days to study graphic design. However I've been having some doubts as I haven't done graphics since GCSE and even though I like the idea of graphic design and I'm interested in it, I can't help but think about swapping to do a film course instead. I took film at A Level and I feel like I am more passionate about it. I also believe I'll enjoy myself more taking film production as a course rather than graphics. I'm thinking I should peruse my original aspiration to study graphic design, as I think switching course before enrollment would be very tricky anyway. Also I am worried that film is such a competitive field my degree would be useless. Even though the course would be full of practical work. I would love to work on films and develop my knowledge in film but I can imagine studying graphics would help me more in the future realistically. I'd like to be an editor for an indie magazine company or something along those lines. Or a creative director for branding and marketing. If I were to study graphic design for three years and get my degree at the end of it, I would like to think I could then turn my attention to film again and perhaps create my own short film or screenplay. I would have to touch up my skills again obviously before I go straight into either of those, as I'll sure forget a lot in 3 years !! But I would love to have time after uni to explore film again after and see where that takes me. I have friends going on to study film aswell at Uni so I would love to collaborate with them and learn from them too. But if that doesn't work out for me then I know I still have my qualifications in graphic design.Would that be my best option? Study graphic design at uni but explore film afterwards again? Or should I just see if I could study film at Uni and not
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