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hello everybody,
this is going to be a quite tedious list of questions but i am currently in year 11 and really need some assistance from anybody
i have exams in two weeks and english is the one thing i have no clue on how to revise for, so any tips will be much appreciated.
the main thing i want to ask, is if anybody knows the 'key moments' in Macbeth and what you did to learn them/ quotes to contribute to these moments?

also with each book/ play for the exam is it compulsory to learn everything that happens or only the key things?
thanks in advance hahah
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The plot summary here should help!

To revise for English, you want to learn at least 7 quotes for each main theme/ character and practice writing essays. Reading the book is also a good idea, since there's no better way to become familiar with the plot! You don't have to memorise everything that happens, but you do need to be able to reference moments from across the text in order to get the highest marks. You also need to be familiar with literary terms such as metaphors, etc, so that you can you subject-specific vocab when you're writing essays. But yeah, read the book + write lots of practice essays (so that you get used to writing essays/ paragraphs, can practice analysis, and can check your knowledge of quotes)
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