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I've just graduated with a first (with distinction) from Uni of York in Electronic Eng with Music Tech systems. My bachelor's dissertation was on modelling audio perception using neural networks, so I want to go into AI & audio. I've got offers to study for an MSc in AI at Queen Mary's this year and for an MSc in Cognitive Science at Edinburgh. I wondered if anyone could give me some advice about this decision? Edinburgh has a really good reputation for AI but QMUL is much more audio-focused in their research (and cheaper). Kind of worried about QMUL being a bad place to study because the MSc AI isn't accredited by the BCS (don't want to sell myself short).

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As an outsider, [published cybersecurity papers with a team using AI/ML to - not decode WiFi crypto - but just bypass it, by Machine Learned pattern matching] I’d suggest you go in the direction of your skills in Audio. BCS accredited, not accredited - matters less than the fact that you’d like to further study a particular area.

I do like the windy capital village of Ed’burgh, but if you have a way to find somewhere to live in London, (as you hint) then I’d strongly suggest following your interests.

British Computer Society Ltd (1957) remind me of a group of scientists at my work, holding endless high level managerial theoretical meeting on supercomputers. I asked to be invited to one of their academic meetings, never got the invite. A customer phoned my department with a specific ‘super’ computing need, half-million-quid budget, design a small test system, then deliver real machine in a year’s time. I designed my machine to fit their budget, ordered a single chassis to ‘play-with’ for a year - then got the shock news that they had to commit their budget now. Final design please. So I sent it, back of the envelope design, no input from the ‘Official’ hallowed supercomputing world. Later that year I went to commission my ‘beast’ at a location in central Holland. I wasn’t allowed to see the machine, as it was now ‘too sensitive’. It works well, and I see references in the news as the odd criminal is arrested, which I can infer is partly down to me.

So I’ll finish with damning with faint praise , with a quote from the BCS manager heavy website

Sir Tim Berners Lee# Honorary Fellow from 2000, # Distinguished Fellow from 1996

When Tim was computing in my living room in 1986, in Ferney-Voltaire, using his Compaq286 ‘luggable’, he was not a member of the BCS. He wrote his small program in DOS to hyperlink his various reports for the DD department at work, then had his brilliant idea to expand that to all documents, worldwide. 1989, 1990 still no BCS. Took them six years to work out his genius.
They haven’t listed his parents Conway & Mary as honorary BCS fellows?
Hacking lightly the BCS website, found just this mention of Tim’s great parents

So, I think you, with your excellent degree result, congrats!, will be leading the ICT world - whilst the BCS seems to follow things, later. Go and DO THINGS! Enjoy
(just my POV, consult wider)

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