Please help me please!!

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i'm 14, never had s3x but i have this uncomfortable feeling down there.
it kinda feels like a twig is stuck up there, and whenever I walk around, bend down, move my body a lot, it feels uncomfortable. whereas, when I'm in bed or sitting down, it's perfectly fine!
I've already posted ab this but i have anxiety and i need an answer pleaseee :/
i saw other comments and some people have had this before but none of them told me how to get rid of it and how long it takes for it to go away (also is this normal?)

i have school tomorrow and ITS MY FIRST DAY so please, if you have any advice.

my period is due on 18th.
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The female body is so mysterious, you will experience a lot of sensations pretty much all the time without explanation. if it's really painful and restricting for you, then you should go a see a GP and tell them about it.

As you've never had sex, this rules out a lot of problems already - you know it's not an STI or anything to do with Pregnancy.

If it's a manageable sensation then keep an eye on how long it lasts and the dates you felt it - keep a note of this so you can see if you have the same sensation next month. Do this regularly with anything you may feel I.e headaches, nausea, cramping, stabbing pains. You may find that a lot of these things will occur over the years, and they are related to your cycle.

It might be worth downloading the app 'Flo' or something similar, to document your symptoms, you will soon find that a lot of things you experience are hormonal.

Like I said, if the pain is bad and you are worried go to the doctor - that's what they are there for, or speak to a female relative - they will definitely be able to help you. In the long-term it's really helpful to document symptoms in order to learn about your own body! - I am 25 and still worry about unusual pains from time to time. That's just being a girl!!

I hope this helps you! Good luck!

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