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The situation:
Need to go to Leeds for uni. Parents do not want me to go to Leeds, and are forcing me to go to Keele, which is local so that I have to stay at home as they think that I cannot look after myself.
Link to other post where I talk about this more, which should provide more context:

Since that initial post, the following has occurred:
Around May:
I changed the course details and study location to University of Leeds on Student Finance England (SFE) without my parents knowing, but I did not realise that by doing that, a letter would be sent home to display these changes. I planned on using the letter that was sent home when I initially applied for Student Finance by swapping it with the new letter when they were not looking and pretending that the old letter was the newly sent letter. However, this did not work and my parents were not pleased. They screamed at me for about 10 minutes proclaiming how they were the victim, that I simply cannot live on my own and that I should apologise. My mum wouldn’t speak to me for days after that, and this left me with no choice but to change it back to Keele University on SFE.

This led me with no other choice if I wanted to go to Leeds, so I had to deceive them into thinking I have applied for Keele by changing the text of the website for Ucas track. I changed the text so instead of showing me applying for Leeds as firm conditional and Keele insurance unconditional, it shows just Keele insurance unconditional. This was done using browser extensions so that when the website is loaded, the changes are applied automatically, as well as changing elements manually using Inspect element. (These changes are client side and do not affect any other computer, and it doesn’t change my application.)
Got marked down on one of my grades, from a B to a C, but then the amended grades were introduced and I was marked back up to a B, making me eligible for my offer again. I have until tomorrow to accept, so if it is impossible for me to go for any reason that presents itself from now until that time, I do not need to accept the offer. In the meantime, I am marked down on UCAS for Keele University.

I have also used the same techniques of changing the website client-side for student finance England. Instead of showing “University of Leeds”, it shows “Keele University”.

Late August to Now:
I then called up SFE when my parents were not in the house, and told SFE that I needed to complete the maintenance loan forms. I also changed the location in which future correspondence would be sent, which is my prospective accommodation. I thought that this would mean that the amended changes would be sent to my accommodation, but this was not the case. Fortunately, I managed to swap the letter with an amended letter for Keele University before my parents noticed, as I saw my customer reference number through the paper of the letter, and I knew that I had to go upstairs to retrieve the amended letter and swap it.

I then convinced my parents that there was a Keele bursary that I could receive for that was worth £1000, even though I was not even eligible. In order to be eligible, my parents had to earn less than £20,000, but they earned £25000 to £30000. This meant applying for maintenance loan based on income. However, I had to write down that I was applying for £3810 of maintenance loan to match the maintenance loan that was on the letter for Keele University, even though I had actually applied for £4410, as if you don’t live at home whilst studying for University, then you can apply for more Student Finance. Those letters for maintenance loans were sent off a few days ago, and should be arriving at SFE soon. I don’t know if I will be receiving £3810 or £4410.

I have about £800, and I need that to last to the middle of October when payment is due, plus the delays that a late application will cause. Considering rent will cost £93 a week, I might need emergency funding from the university to cover the costs, but I don’t want to leech off that money. Instead, I am considering doing transcription work online to make that money.

Hopefully this provides some context to the situation that I am in. So, I need help with the following:
Will I receive £3810 or £4410?
What should I do about my parents, and how should I tell them that I have actually applied to Leeds?
Should I not tell them at all and leave for Uni?
Should I just apply for Keele and not bother with Leeds anymore?

Answers to these questions, and any other pieces of advice relating to this would be greatly appreciated.
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Crikey, well to get the extra loan (I assume from the figures you quoted you're just asking for the bare minimum loan), if you just changed the profile address, this will mean SFE will think you are living at home during term time still. To get the extra "living elsewhere" part make sure you selected 'living elsewhere' in there term time section of the course details. Try change this online, or it will give you the option to print a change of circumstances form to fill in. If you're not sure if you left it as 'at parents' or 'elsewhere' you can ring them to check.
Your parents sound....odd. You'll have to tell them at some point, maybe have somebody else there, the way you've phrased it, they sound unhinged in their reaction.
For choosing uni, is Leeds a better quality course? Is it getting away from your parents? (You don't have to live in their house if you do choose Keele). That being said, the loan is tight, and 4k to live on without working is impossible, you'll have to weigh up how feasible it is - mark up what your bills are, min wage is about 8.72 an hour, how many hours do you have to work to cover all of it?
I moved away from home and loved it, but it can also be stressful when you do feel like you need your family around (I mean I moved from Newcastle to Cardiff, it was a hike).
Without knowing the reason for wanting Leeds so badly, if its a much better course you could frame it that way to your parents. But practicalities need to be considered - if you can't afford it (and you can get more money if your parents are willing to support your app!) then being homeless isn't going to be useful for your grades.

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