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Could anyone give me feedback on this speech?

Why do you think social media is so important to us? Social media is such an integral part of our lives: studies show that the average teenager spends one to three hours on social media a day. We’re blindly destroying ourselves with usage that high. Like many young people, I've suffered the negative repercussions social media has on mental health. It is no doubt detrimental to your mental health: I’ll tell you why.

The first damaging effect of social media is low self-esteem. Imagine this: you go onto Instagram and you’re flooded with pictures of everyone looking perfect, having a fun time with others and seemingly having a better life than yours. Shortly, you’re hopelessly drowning in an ocean of self-comparison, self-pity and self-hatred. “Why don’t I have as much friends?” “How come I don’t look like that?”. I’m sure many of you here have experienced this. These little, yet damaging thoughts are daily attacks to your self-esteem.
So why is this so prevalent? Let me tell you.
Social media is your own personal highlight reel: a carefully curated collection boasting the brightest moments while concealing the struggles and mundane aspects of daily life. You may be asking, how is this a problem? Well, because everything is heavily filtered, we compare our behind the scenes with these highlight reels, leaving us insecure.

Another problem with social media is that it can trigger FOMO (fear of missing out). While this is a term that you may have all heard of or even lightly thrown around, it’s an actual social anxiety from the fear that social events or enjoyable activities may be happening without you. People with FOMO will feel an excessive need to be connected with what everyone else is doing, so they won’t miss out. This is so prevalent with social media as the endless stream of other’s experiences may fuel feelings that you are missing out on life. In fact, it has been robustly linked to higher levels of social media engagement. The problem is that young people are reporting that FOMO is causing them distress in the form of anxiety and inadequacy.

Finally, the last problem with social media is an increased risk of depression. Research suggests that young people who are heavy users of social media are more likely to report poor mental health, including symptoms of depression. Why? Linking with my first point, social media is a catalyst for comparison, leaving you to feel more and more dejected every time you use it. The pressure of unrealistic expectations that are everywhere on social media may also be responsible for triggering depression or making existing conditions worse.

These are all results of a “normal” social media experience, so why would you want to spend time on something so damaging? Just like your physical health, you must take care of your mental health. With all that’s been said, I’m not encouraging you to quit social media. In fact, when used correctly, social media has positive benefits on society: connection, emotional support and community building. Do yourself a favour: know the effects and make social media a positive experience for you.
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Hi. This sounds really good. Is this for your English oral GCSE?

In your second paragraph, you said "Let me tell you." Would you consider taking that out? You said "I'll tell you why" in your introduction, so may come off as repetitive and also, it flows better when you give your answer straight off the back of the question.

You could also find the science behind it, just to back up your point and even find another side so that it is more engaging as a controversial topic.

Overall, I really liked it. i'm always happy to help if you need it, feel free to PM me

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